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What is Article Marketing?

Posted on September 13, 2021 by Hosea Mannie

Simply put article marketing is advertising your website through the use of articles. This choose of advertising is preferable over others for the simple truth that it is free. There are many article directories that allow you to submit your articles at no cost. They permit you to have a resource box at the end of the article which you can plug your site and products with. Not only that but if you're into building links this is a excellent way of doing this. If your article is chosen by publishers they will republish your article on there websites giving you even more publicity and exposure. A well written article can give you massive exposure.

Can not write? There are solutions that will"ghost write" a post for you. Avoid buying article packs, these are pre written posts which you could buy, slap your name on them and publishes them. The reason why I say avoid these is that you need your posts to be first not something thousands of other individuals have put there names on previously. Besides, most article directories understand these posts by heart and reject them on sight. So ensure that your work is original.

Prevent a strong sales pitch. Starting off with a hard sales pitch is only going to discourage potential customers. There'll be plenty of room to pitch to them in your resource box. Show your understanding of the topic and give your readers valuable information relevant to the subject. If the reader sees the professionalism of your work they will tend to read the whole article and see your links.

Research and construct a list of all of the free article directories you can find so you could just submit your posts to the websites on your list when you have finished writing. Make certain to carefully read the terms of service and editorial guidelines of each directory and format your essay accordingly. The more articles you write, the better your chances are of getting traffic to your website. Article marketing is a excellent way to boost your name recognition and build links to your website so give it a go. Who knows, you may like it.