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Types of Mini Sites You Can Create and Make Money From

Posted on November 16, 2023 by Hosea Mannie

Mini-sites are growing up all around the web because they're so easy to create and fast to supply a blast of passive income. It is possible to turn into a webmaster in a month or more and learn to create many mini websites for fun or for profit.

A mini-site is really a several page website that's designed for a particular task: either to market something, get yourself a subscription or even to make money being an affiliate for someone else.

There are four forms of mini-sites it is possible to create, without knowing any code, that may enable you to get four different streams of internet income.

  • Creating a "1-page" sales letter mini-site. Obviously, this is actually the first kind of website that you'll think about. A "1-page" sales letter mini-site's main purpose would be to sell your personal product, whether it's an ebook, some software or multi-media product. When finished, your mini-site contains your sales letter page as well as your order page where people can download the merchandise they just purchased. In the event that you curently have templates of the two, it is possible to create your mini-site in 10 minutes flat.
  • Creating an "affiliate showcase" mini-site. An "affiliate Showcase" mini-site can be an organized page where you provide a set of products people can purchase. A joint venture partner is where you advertise someone's product so when someone buy's it, because of your publicity, you obtain a percentage. The merchandise you recommend to your clients have to be related to one another. For example, In case you are in medical and exercise industry, you'll recommend a weight reduction ebook or perhaps a good exercise equipment guide. You can private sites to obtain a coach and/or a particular program on fitness.
  • Creating a "simple newsletter" mini-site Newsletters serve several purposes. A newsletter can help you position yourself being an expert, assist you to build credibility and rapport. Establishing a straightforward newsletter mini-site has one purpose only: get as much subscribers as you possibly can. Once you position yourself being an expert through the various issues of one's newsletters that you send out weekly, two weeks as well as every month, it is possible to recommend services or products linked to your market. That's the way you create another blast of income through newsletter or Ezine marketing.
  • Creating an "about me" page mini-site. An "About Me" page mini-site is merely a niche site where you'll tell the planet about yourself as well as your interests. With this page, you'll setup links to your products, or newsletters to your affiliate's products. By traffic generation to this sort of site, it is possible to convert people into buyers and make another streams of internet income.
  • You won't need to know programming. You don't have to be considered a computer geek, buy expensive software, or pay outrageous fees to a webmaster. With professional-looking templates, it is possible to create a mini-site with graphics, headlines and a mini sales letter in about 3 hours. In order to elaborate a far more complicated mini-site with an extended sales letter, some compelling graphics, powerful headlines and a subscription box that may help you generate leads constantly, you'll spend 2 to 3 days.