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Reviving Up Your Web Site's Customer Acquisition

Posted on May 12, 2023 by Hosea Mannie

Nothing in Online marketing is more important than customer acquisition -- attracting visitors and converting prospects into clients. The main element to customer conversion would be to turn your online site into an acquisition engine that gets Web people to take action: Find out more. Subscribe. Open a merchant account. Buy something.

Getting Them There

Clients and prospects arrived at your online site by way of a selection of means, driven by advertising, promotions, marketing, or person to person. All these ought to be used to create them to your internet site or to a particular in-site website landing page:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Banner ads inside your site
  • Promotion buttons inside your site
  • Offer buttons inside your site
  • Paid or co-op banners on other sites
  • Television advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Direct mail
  • E-mail marketing
  • Jump to the Landing Page

    The squeeze page, whether it's your site's website, an inside page, or perhaps a marketing-specific website landing page, is really a "hard sell." The intent would be to drive an individual to conversion. If oriented around a particular product, it will contain all the details essential to motivate an individual to join up for the merchandise or service (in this paper, SUBSCRIBE may mean a variety of transactions, from buying to searching for an application to developing a user name and password - it really is shorthand for a transaction that ties the website visitor for you).

    For users who would like more knowledge of your services or products before registering, the next call-to-action on the squeeze page is to Find out more about the merchandise or services.

    Each website landing page should utilize the same basic information design. Many organizations use source-specific landing pages, oriented with consideration to the foundation acquisition. For instance, a user who originated from a web link within the website will see more links linked to the precise offer, where person who sees a television advertisement may be directed to a full page specifically built for that audience and its own expectations. This enables you not merely to create audience specific sell points, but additionally to generate tracking mechanisms for assessing the effectiveness of your various method of customer acquisition.

    All landing pages should include a primary call-to-action, to join up, and a second call for more information about the services or products.


    Making your website user friendly isn't simply an academic exercise. It relates right to customer acquisition and conversion. The website should be organized to help make the content and navigation as intuitive as you possibly can and to indicate the calls to action (Note: Not only the landing pages, but all pages on the website will include a prominent proactive approach).

    An intuitive site allows the people to reassure themselves your offerings are right for them. It encourages people to explore the offerings with their own comfortableness. That will not mean that this content ought to be endlessly deep, providing people to dig and dig and dig. A crucial decision point is just how much to provide them before you need them to transact with you, either by way of a SUBSCRIBE online, or by contacting you through various other means. The theory is to permit the visitor to intuitively self-select any feature they want about all of your services or products.

    Putting it Together

    First, you attract them, you then send them somewhere relevant and lastly you ensure it is simple to subscribe. These three simple components can boost your conversions dramatically.